Labor Victory 2022

On Saturday night the Leader of the Labor Party, Anthony Albanese was declared Australia’s 31st Prime Minister. Mr Albanese is only the 4th Labor candidate to win a Federal Election since the end of the Second World War. With the success of the Labor Party in this election, this signals a dramatic shift in policy. The main promises pledged by Prime Minister Albanese in his election campaign focused on climate change, childcare, aged care, education, refugee policy and health.


So what are main areas the newly elected Government are looking to change?


Climate Change

Perhaps the most topical of issues to be addressed in Labor’s campaign was climate change. The Morrison Government were criticised due to their inaction and their inability to appropriately respond to the growing climate crisis. Under the Albanese Government, the Labor party has announced their plan to reduce net emissions to zero by 2050. In the shorter term, the party has set a goal of reducing Australia’s net emissions by 43% by the year 2030. In this plan, the new Government will invest $683 million to achieve their 2050 goal. And Albanese has undertaken to invest further in renewable energy and to provide more options for Australians looking to reduce their emission by providing cheaper electric vehicles.


Aged Care

Another big issue addressed by the new Labor Government is aged care. There has been growing criticism of Australia’s aged care syste. In the wake of the 2018 Royal Commission into Aged Care, it was made clear that Australia’s current attitude towards aged care is grossly inadequate. In his campaign Mr Albanese made it clear to the public that they intend to address this problem. The Albanese Government has announced they will be ensuring there are registered nurses available at all times in aged care facilities, and that each resident will be afforded 3 hours and 35 minutes of face-to-face care by a staff member each day. This is a stark contrast to the current system which the Royal Commission found to be lacking in its entirety. This investment into the aged care sector will cost the government an estimated 2.5 billion dollars.



The newly elected Labor Government under Albanese will invest heavily into Australia’s health services. The Government has announced a 13.5-million-dollar plan to provide more urgent care clinics to ensure patients are seen quickly and to bring some relief to hospitals and hospital staff. These new clinics are to be built around the country to service all Australians.. In conjunction, the Government will strive to strengthen Medicare and to reduce costs of medication by lowering the maximum cost of products on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme to $30.


Asylum Seeker Policy

One of the less progressive stances of Australia’s new Labor Government is its policy on refugees and asylum seekers. Much like the Morrison Government, the Government under Albanese will continue offshore processing on islands such as Nauru and Christmas Island. The Labor Government is also supportive of the policy to turn back the boats, a longstanding and controversial policy. The Australian Government in years gone by has consistently been criticized by international bodies such as the UNHCR on its refugee policy. Additionally, Mr Albanese has come out against the use of temporary protection visas. These visas allow refugees and asylum seekers who have been found to be owed protection temporary visas for up to three years while their claims for refuge are assessed. Mr Albanese has been quoted as saying that the practice of turning back the boats means there will be no need for offshore detention.


The victory of the Labor Party in the 2022 Federal Election marks a change in many previously ignored issues; and, although Mr Albanese and his party present plans for much needed reform to the Australia’s domestic needs, only time will tell whether these plans come to fruition for the Australian and international community.



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Maggie Endacott
Maggie Endacott

Maggie Endacott is a final year law student at the University of Newcastle with a bachelors degree in Political Science. She has a strong interest in criminal law and hopes to work in the field of criminal defence upon graduating.

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