While most people would be guilty of occasionally ducking across the road without a ‘green man’ flashing, did you know that you could face fines of up to $220 for doing so?

‘Jaywalking’ may be an American term, but Sydneysiders have realised that the offence is much closer to home following a ‘jaywalking police blitz’ earlier this year.

Police fined over 100 people during a 6-hour period in June this year for a range of offences that are colloquially known as jaywalking.


Jaywalking Fines in NSW

Did you know that you’re legally obliged to cross a road by taking the shortest, safest route possible?

Section 230 of the Road Rules 2014 provides a fine of up to $220 for pedestrians who contravene this rule.

The exception? You will escape liability if you are crossing the road at an intersection with traffic lights which permits you to cross the road diagonally.


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Crossing a road pedestrian lights

If you are attempting to cross a road at an intersection that is equipped with pedestrian lights, it is an offence to disobey the signals pursuant to section 231 of the Road Rules.

This means that you must wait for the lights to turn green, regardless of the conditions.

Failing to adhere to this road rule could cost you a fine of between $75-$220.

Crossing a road to or from the Light Rail

Section 233 of the Road Rules dictates that a pedestrian must not cross a road to get on a tram at a tram stop until the tram has come to a complete stop.

Could the Newcastle Light Rail be classified as a tram? In short, yes.

The dictionary provided at the end of the regulations specifically outlines that a tram includes a light rail vehicle.

Avoiding a pedestrian crossing

Did you know that it is an offence to avoid a pedestrian crossing?

If you cross a road within 20m of a pedestrian crossing (and fail to use the pedestrian crossing) you will be in contravention of section 234 of the Road Rules.   

The maximum fine for this offence is $220. 

Interestingly, section 234(1)(a) provides an exception for pedestrians who have just gotten off a tram or public bus.

Key Takeaways

Charged with Jaywalking?

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