Amidst the drama generated on a recent episode of the popular TV show Married at First Sight regarding the alleged sharing of a nude image of one cast member by another, a number of legal questions have been raised about the legality of sharing intimate pictures of someone without their consent. This issue is deepened by the fact that the image in question was originally published by the website OnlyFans a site which is notorious for the distribution of pornographic images.


OnlyFans Terms & Conditions

The further legal question becomes whether it is a private image since it was willingly shared by the owner on the website OnlyFans.

This question can be answered quite easily with reference to the terms and conditions of OnlyFans membership which explicitly states that:

no one is to reproduce, publicly display, republish, store, or transmit any material published on their website and the rights to the image remain with the individual posting the image.

As it is clear that images posted to OnlyFans are not to be disseminated or publicly displayed it is seemingly apparent that by showing the image to her cast mates, Miss Fraser may be in violation of both the OnlyFans guidelines and s91Q Crimes Act.

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James Janke
James Janke

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